South Boston Waterfront Wayfinding Sign

Exploring South Boston’s amazing Waterfront – on foot — is a treat. There’s so much to excite the senses: the water, museums, restaurants, artist studios, and much much more. Some have noted, though, that navigating through the area can be a challenge. So, to the rescue came leaders from the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, the City of Boston, the Boston Redevelopment Authority, the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority and A Better City. They designed a plan that includes a pedestrian way-finding pilot program. That plan, involving the use of signs to guide the way, has been implemented this month.

Temporary signs along several paths to and from the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center are now up. Transit stations, restaurants and other points of interest are easier than ever to locate. The current signs will be up through October. Aiming, ultimately, to improve the experience of pedestrians throughout the South Boston Waterfront district, the team who created this pilot initiative hopes to get a clear sense of what permanent signage is needed. That team needs your feedback in order to plan appropriately.

To that end, they’re asking that we all let them know how those signs help (or don’t), and if there’s other signage they should try. They’ll track feedback with the hashtag #WalkSBW.

Blog post by the Joyce Lebedew Real Estate Team

Photography credit: Boston Redevelopment Authority