Autobody Repair Shop

An auto body shop offers repairs to damage from everyday-type vehicle crashes and fender-benders. When the shop repairers work their magic, on minor scratches and dents or major issues (for example, destruction of an entire door panel), they make cars and trucks look like new.

But going to an auto body shop can be intimidating. It’s already upsetting to have a problem with your vehicle. Add onto that the fact that you might not know exactly what’s needed to rescue your car or truck, and it is easy to become overwhelmed.

The folks at S & F Autobody  at 503 East Second Street in South Boston prioritize putting customer needs first. They aim to personalize each repair service, making sure that everyone understands all options. They help with insurance claim management and appraisals. They guarantee their repairs for as long as the customer owns the vehicle.

Another special thing about S & F – a shop that’s been around for more than three decades – is their eco-friendliness. They choose to use environmentally friendly products. They use energy efficient lighting. They recycle post-repair leftover plastic as well as ordinary office supplies. And you know what else? They literally plant flowers, one way of helping to remove pollutants from our air.

Connect with S & F through Facebook or phone: 617-268-1185.

Blog post by the Joyce Lebedew Real Estate Team

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