South Boston residents with cars do have some things to be happy about, contrary to popular belief. For starters, we don’t live in Oakland, California, where the motor vehicle theft rate per capita is more than 100% higher than the national average. Nor do we live in Chicago, where parking meters were privatized a few years ago resulting in a steep increase in parking fees. We find ourselves in a city whose government “gets” snow, and removes it from the roads fairly quickly.

But drivers here also have plenty of woes. Boston as a whole has been named one of the 10 worst cities in the U.S. for parking. The experimental parking rules that allow visitors only two hours to park on South Boston streets in the evening might have eased parking issues slightly for people trying to place their cars close to home after a day at the office, but they make it almost impossible for residents to host friends or family for more than a quick hello. And even with those new rules in place, people are still struggling to squeeze into too-small spaces or they waste a great deal of time circling the streets for a parking spot – and often end of walking quite a distance home after all.

Well, there are some residential properties with deeded parking spots in South Boston. Let’s take a look at two offered through Joyce Lebedew Real Estate:

In South Boston’s East Side artist’s district there’s a two-bedroom/two-bath ultra modern open floor plan unit  on East 2nd Street, with two parking spaces in a garage. On East Broadway, another two-bedroom – this one a gorgeous brick brownstone with period detail  – comes with two parking spots as well.

There are more such properties out there. Maybe now’s the time to start your search!

Blog post by the Joyce Lebedew Real Estate Team

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