Spring Cleaning

Spring is a season of renewal. And, though this might seem like the year of the spring-that-refuses-to-arrive, rest assured, it’s inching its way to South Boston. When it does get here in full force, we can add to our appreciation of it by greeting springtime with some simple prep at home.

1. Window screens:

We can’t wait for the weather to shift so that we can keep those windows open and welcome fresh breezes into our homes. Clean screens are crucial. To get ready to rid a screen of dust, dirt and bugs, place it in a bathtub or large sink. Spray it down with water to loosen whatever is resting in the weave. Meanwhile, mix warm water and an all-purpose household cleaner in a wash bucket or large bowl. Using a scrub brush and your water/cleaner mixture, attack each side of the screen. Rinse with a shower head or sink sprayer if you have one. Allow the screen to dry before putting it back in place.

2. Carpets:

Floors have been taking a beating all winter – absorbing the detritus of our winter adventures in the form of rock salt, dirt, melting snow and so on, whatever we and our pets drag inside. A nice carpet cleaning refreshes a home immeasurably. You can rent a variety of carpet cleaning machines at your local supermarket, or hire a professional service. Options include hot water extraction (often called “steam cleaning”), dry carpet cleaning and shampooing, among others. Groovy Green Livin has suggestions for ways to keep your carpets “green and clean” using non-toxic products.

3. Closets:

While you’re switching winter and spring wardrobes, why not re-do the way your clothes are arranged, to help you find what you need?! Arrange the contents by color, or by the way you get dressed: shirts, followed by vests or jackets, followed by skirts or pants, and so on. Also, take your winter sweaters to be dry-cleaned.

4. Sliding door tracks:

Scrub them with a dry toothbrush or other small, strong brush. A vacuum hose can pull the dirt and dry leaves (and whatever else has made that space home for the past months) up and away. Wash with a wet sponge afterwards.

5. Under and behind appliances and furniture:

This is a two-person task. Pull or push furniture and appliances enough to be able to reach hidden floor and wall areas with a broom or vacuum hose. You’ll be glad you’ve done this every so often.

6. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors:

Check your batteries! (Buy a fire extinguisher, too, and place it in the kitchen.)

Blog post by the Joyce Lebedew Real Estate Team.