A Winning Combination: Love for South Boston and Devotion to Animals

The South Boston that real estate agent and entrepreneur Joyce Lebedew now calls home is a world apart from the South Boston where she grew up. While the community of 30,000 retains much of its character as a tight-knit enclave of working-class Irish-Americans, the population is now more diverse, and the ambiance of the neighborhoods is far more upscale and cosmopolitan.

Joyce has seen it all, from the urban decay and anti-busing riots of the 1970s, to the construction of the new Boston Convention & Exhibition center and ascendance of the South Boston Waterfront as a beacon of commerce and culture. A successful business owner and life-long resident, Joyce is a fervent evangelist for South Boston and a tireless proponent of its renaissance.

But Joyce is equally passionate about the rights of urban animals and pet-owners. An unabashed dog lover and the proud owner of a Jack Russell Terrier, she has long been an active supporter of the Alliance for Animals and other animal rescue associations in the area. When she began selling real estate in 2002, Joyce became keenly aware of the plight of pet-owners in finding suitable housing. In 2008, when she launched Joyce Lebedew Real Estate (JLRE), she decided to make pet-friendly housing a cornerstone of her business.
Her exclusive focus on buying, selling and leasing of pet-friendly residential properties in South Boston has proven a winning combination for Joyce. JLRE has become one of the most successful independent real estate agencies in Boston, and according to MLS, Joyce has consistently ranked as the top-performing real estate agent in the city of Boston for apartment rentals and among the top for property sales as well.

According to Joyce, her success is built on long-term relationships and referrals, putting client satisfaction above agency profits. “I believe that people intuitively know when they have found the right home, and shouldn’t settle for less. My goal is to help my clients find a home they love, and feel at home in the community where they live.”